Tumblers from Uzbekistan 

Some years ago I did not trust my eyes when I saw between my pigeons a strange red-white tumbler. The surprise was the color. The bird had a red breast on a white ground, a coloration I had read about but never seen before. The bird which proved to be a cock was plain headed and pearl eyed, short muffed and after a more serious inspection also had a few small black feathers in the shield. First I could not categories him, however, after a while I recognized a second stranger on my roof, a bull-eyed double-crested muffed tumbler. Now I realized that these birds were Tumblers from Uzbekistan, the first one representing the flying type, the second one the show type. I had seen the show type at some of our shows in Germany in the past. The breed was brought to Germany some years ago from Central Asia and is now accepted in the German standard of perfection. The colors I had seen before were self white, red, yellow, black, blue and silver.

Uzbekian Tumbler yellow and red Tschinny in juvenile plumage 

The breed is discussed in great detail in a small booklet, published 1989 in Taschkent, the capital of Uzbekistan, by W. Saradsan. Uzbekistan formerly was part of the Sowjet Union and now has become an independent state. The neighbouring states are Kasachstan in the north and Turkmenistan in the South, it is not far away from the outer Chinese boarder. The short faced variety of the tumblers of this region are traced back to the stock of the last Emir from Bokara who collected breeds from several parts of Asia. About 1868 the region was occupied by the Russian and some of the birds of the deposed Emir were acquired by engaged fanciers of that region. The birds were crossed with local birds and with double-crested pigeons from Iran, and now they exist in about 80 different colorations and with different ornaments. The tumblers are rather small, medium or long muffed and have a short to medium beak. The ornament differs. Some birds are plain, some are crested, some show a nasal tuft or rose, and some are double-crested. The red-breasted birds are called "Kapkan Tschinny". The juvenile plumage of this coloration is red, only after the molt they become white with the exception of the red breast and some black flecks. However, I had no chance to make my own experiences with this cock, because "my" Tschinny cock was soon picked up by his owner who was happy to get him back. He had flown this bird still in his country of birth, Uzbekistan, from were he came to settle now in Germany in the small town near Bremen where I live. He had followed his birds from his loft by car and watched them intermingling with my birds. I learned that he somehow managed it some month ago to get about 10 pigeons in different colors from Taschkent to Germany. The flying-type of the breed is still able to fly some hours and to make attractive somersaults. That was also demonstrated in the coming years by some of his descendents in my own loft . 


Uzbekian Tumbler Tschinny  old cock                       Uzbekian Tumbler white (Show Type)