Taubenzucht in German language

(Breeding of Pigeons. Possibilities and limits of breeding strategies. Ornaments, figures, behavior, breeding and inheritance in theory and practice),

Achim 2019, ISBN 978-3-9812920-6-0, 368 pages, more than 700 mostly colored illustrations



The focus of this book is breeding problems and strategies for the implementation of pigeon genetics in practice. In projects to create new breeds or to transfer colors from one breed to another it seems superficially mainly to concern color genetics. However, in addition, knowledge of physical characteristics, inheritance of ornaments, behavior and the like is a prerequisite for a quick and lasting success. Shown are the variety of appearances and behaviour in the domestic pigeon. It will be traced when and how these traits occurred and how to handle them in the breeding pen. With more than 700 illustrations, the book is also a reference work for the wealth of variants of the domestic pigeon, hence an entertaining picture book. More than 300 pertinent sources provide background information on the origin of races and traits. For those interested in historical pigeon literature, the book is also an interesting exploration of the reliability of ancient sources with sometimes surprising outcome. Numerous examples illustrate inheritance laws and provide a simple understanding of the basics. The accompanying pictures, often from own breeding, are at the same time an illustration and proof. The reader is taken with the understanding of the discovery process and thereby can make a plastic idea about the methods in the breeding methods and ways of detecting inheritance mechanisms. He will also recognize where and why there are gaps in our knowledge. Through extensive documentation of empirical observations, he will get facts at hand where he may 'rub' his own test results. Pigeon genetics is not at an end!